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Table 2 Example of categorization procedure

From: “The importance of awareness, support and inner strength to balance everyday life” - a qualitative study about women’s experiences of a workplace health promotion program in human service organizations in Sweden

Examples of Meaning units Condensed meaning unit – description Condensed meaning unit - interpretation Sub-theme Theme
I have realized by myself the way things are in reality and have a picture of it, and then things are easier and I can work on it when I know that it is somehow confirmed for me that this is the way it is and what I do and this has been very useful. (FG5) I have realized things are in reality, which makes it easier to work on it. It has been useful and this helped me. Awareness of everyday life creates prerequisites for change. Reflecting and becoming aware Reflecting and strengthening inner resources
What this program has meant for me is that something has become clear to me, what I think is important and what I think is less important as well as what I want to spend time on and what I want to un-prioritize. (FG6) The program has clarified, what I think is important, less important, what I want to prioritize and spend my time on. Awareness of your own values creates prerequisites for prioritizing.   
The best thing of all of this has been all the lectures we had and discussions, just the fact that we have shared experiences and knowledge because that is when I have learnt the most. (FG6) The best thing has been the lectures and the discussions. That is when I have learnt the most. New knowledge through exchanging experiences and lectures Knowledge development and a change of perception  
I feel healthier, and the fact that I am now working more on myself than I did before, that I think about this and yes, I am valuable and that I have time and sort of make decisions about myself what to do and what not to do, otherwise things just roll on at work and at home. (FG4) I am working more on myself, and I think that I am valuable and that I can make decisions about myself. A change of perception make it easier to make healthier decisions about yourself   
“(The program) did help me to see, that if I really wanted to, I mean, how I could find balance in my life, without leaving all the decisions to others. My self-esteem is much better, like before I was so dependent on, for example my husband then, to be able to cope. (Interview 5)” I have realized that if I really want to change something, achieve balance, I can do that without leaving all the decisions to other people. When feeling empowered it is easier to make decisions regarding oneself. Feeling empowered