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Table 1 Dose–volume histogram for the gross tumor volume and organs at risk at a prescribed dose of 6 Gy per fraction and the total accumulation dose

From: Radiation therapy for vaginal cancer in complete uterine prolapse with intrauterine adhesion: a case report

Treatment plans GTV Organs at risk  
  D90 Rectum D2 cm3* Bladder D2 cm3*
1 6.09 Gy 1.81 Gy 2.71 Gy
2 6.03 Gy 1.40 Gy 2.12 Gy
Total accumulation dose 113.8 Gy (EQD2) 20.7 Gy (EQD2) 36.8 Gy (EQD2)
  1. Abbreviations: D90 of the GTV minimum dose delivered to 90% of the GTV, *D2 cm3 minimum dose delivered to the highest irradiated 2 cm3 area, EQD2 equivalent dose in 2-Gy fractions