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Table 1 Key findings from women’s perspective on HPV sampling mapped onto the TDF and COM-B frameworks

From: Perspectives of women participating in a cervical cancer screening campaign with community-based HPV self-sampling in rural western Kenya: a qualitative study

COM-B Component TDF Domain TDF Domain Description Key Findings
Capability Knowledge An awareness of the existence of something Awareness and acceptability of HPV self-sampling
Skills An ability or proficiency acquired through practice Confidence in their ability to complete HPV self-sampling strategy
Role of clinicians in HPV sample collection
Opportunity Social Influences Those interpersonal processes that can cause an individual to change their thoughts, feelings, or behaviors Peer and partner encouragement
Social stigma associated with cervical cancer
Environmental Context and Resources Any circumstance of a person’s situation or environment that discourages or encourages the development of skills and abilities, independence, social competence, and adaptive behavior Proximity to cervical cancer screening sites
Fear of pelvic screening
Motivation Social Role and Identity A coherent set of behaviors and displayed personal qualities of an individual in a social or work setting Feeling of privacy and comfort conducting the HPV self-sampling
Beliefs about Capabilities Acceptance of the truth, reality, or validity about an ability, talent, or facility that a person can put to constructive use Personal perception of cervical cancer risk
Screening will improve health outcomes
Beliefs about Consequences Acceptance of the truth, reality, or validity about outcomes of a behavior in a given situation Fear of disease and death
  1. Note: Description data from Cane et al. [23]