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Fig. 1

From: Myometrial progesterone hyper-responsiveness associated with increased risk of human uterine fibroids

Fig. 1

Western blot analysis of progesterone receptor A and B in MyoF and MyoN cells. Western blot analysis of proteins extracted from normal myometrium cells in normal uterus (MyoN) (n = 5) or myometrium of uterus with UFs (MyoF, n = 5) was performed. Total lysates from myometrial tissues were extracted and subjected to Western blot analysis using antibodies against Progesterone receptor A (a) and Progesterone receptor B respectively (b). β-actin was used as an endogenous control. A statistically significant increase in expression of PR-A was observed in PrMyoF cells as compared to PrMyoN cells (a, P < 0.05). b showed a statistically significant increase in expression of PR-B in PrMyoF compared to PrMyoN cells

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