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Fig. 2

From: Myometrial progesterone hyper-responsiveness associated with increased risk of human uterine fibroids

Fig. 2

Gain of induction in response to P4. The expression levels of five genes including FOXO1A (a), Bcl2 (b), SCGB2A2 (c), MMP11 (d), CYP26a (e) were determined by qRT-PCR after treatment with P4 (1.0 ng/ml) for 3 days in PrMyoN and PrMyoF cells. (N = PrMyoN cells without treatment, Np = PrMyoN cells after treatment with P4, F = PrMyoF cells without treatment, Fp = PrMyoF cells after treatment with P4). These experiments were performed with 10 different cultured cell specimens. Five genes show either decrease or no change in response to P4 in MyoN cells. However, in PrMyoF cells, all the 5 genes including Foxo1A (a), Bcl2 (b), SCGB2A2 (c), MMP11 (d), CYP26a1(e), exhibited a significant upregulation in response to P4 treatment. * p < 0.05, **p < 0.01. ***p < 0.001

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