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Table 1 Illustration of the process of data analysis

From: Reasons for delay in seeking treatment among women with obstetric fistula in Tanzania: a qualitative study

Text Codes Sub theme Theme
The fistula condition is irritable. You find yourself wet all the time. .. and isolating yourself from your fellows. Imagine they bring food; you share with them while every time you touch urines. Even if you wash your hands, still I don’t feel good. It is like you are causing discomfort to them. (IDI, 42 years) Fear of staying with others Afraid being stigmatized Self-isolation Stigma against women with fistula condition
Separate yourself from others Discomfort
First of all I was maltreated and abused. They isolated me, stigmatized me, my husband disowned me, my mother-in-law refused me, and they said I was stinking. .. I suffered so much. On my way to hospital, someone said, “The one, who urinated in the bus yesterday, will be dropped on the way.” Another person said, "No, she didn’t urinate purposefully in the bus. (IDI, 18 years) Maltreated and abused Being isolated by the others Community isolation
Separated by others
Rejected by spouse
Bad words Threatening