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Table 1 Sexual therapy: Applicative model of sexual rehabilitation

From: Female sexual dysfunction associated with idiopathic cerebellar ataxia: A case report

ObjectivesSexual tasksTime
To facilitate excitability and autoeroticism
A) Erotic-affective readings: to facilitate excitability.
B) Autoeroticism: to make the patient, through the excitement achieved with sexual fantasies that excite her, learn how to masturbate and achieve pleasure as well as improve her lubrication. Should try a minimum of 2–3 times a week.
2 months
4 sessions of 45 min each
control advance and redirect
To coordinate autoerotic movements
C) Mechanical aids: we use vaginal vibrators so that the patient in a reclined position sees in a mirror what she does and relearns how to place the legs and contract the vaginal muscles as well as the pelvic movement to achieve arousal. Should perform 2 times a week.2 months
4 sessions advance control
To maintain heterosexual activity with movement coordination
D) Viewing of videos composed of sexual scenes of heterosexual couples: the preference of our patient was of videos including sexual activity caresses, oral sex, and coital sex. Depends on the availability of the partner.2 months
4 sessions advance control