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Table 1 Search strategy used

From: ‘Leaving no one behind’: a scoping review on the provision of sexual and reproductive health care to nomadic populations

ThemeSearch words
Nomadic populations“internal migrants” OR “Bedouin people” OR “nomadic population” OR “nomad people” OR “nomad” OR “bedouins” OR “African nomads” OR “desert nomads” OR “nomads” OR “nomadic people” OR “nomad women” OR “nomad girls” OR “nomads” OR “invisible population” OR “Fulani nomads” OR “Somalia nomads” OR “transients and migrants” OR (“transients” AND “migrants”) OR “transients and migrants” OR “nomads”[All Fields] OR (“African nomads” OR “African nomads”) OR (“Asian nomads” OR “Asian nomads”[All Fields] OR (“middle east nomads” OR (“middle” AND “east” AND “nomads”) OR “middle east nomads”)
Reproductive health services“Health Service, Reproductive” OR “Reproductive health services” OR “Health Services, Reproductive” OR “Reproductive Health Service” OR “Service, Reproductive Health” OR “Services, Reproductive Health” OR “Maternal health” OR Matern* OR “Woman Health” OR “Women Health” OR “Woman’s health services” OR “Women Health Service” OR “Women Health Services” OR “Maternal Health Services” OR “Maternal Health Service” OR “Maternal Mortality Rate” OR “Maternal mortality rates” OR “MMR” OR “Female health” OR “Maternal and Child health” OR “Mother and child health” OR “Female and children health” OR “Female and child health” OR “Population control” OR “Population control plans” OR “population control policies” OR “Health care systems” OR “health care facilities” OR “health care facility” OR “Health care seeking behavior” OR “Health seeking behavior” OR “health service utilization” OR “Reproductive behavior” OR “reproductive technologies” OR “High Fertility Population” OR “Maternal-Child Health Services”