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Table 2 Experience with abortion services (N = 207)

From: Experience obtaining legal abortion in Uruguay: knowledge, attitudes, and stigma among abortion clients

Indicators of experience with servicesn (%)
First source of information about availability of legal abortion
 Institution16 (7.7)
 Friend/Family/Acquaintance48 (23.2)
 Internet8 (3.9)
 Radio11 (5.3)
 Television108 (52.2)
 Other9 (4.3)
 No response7 (3.4)
Felt could ask questions to the clinic staff
 Yes178 (86.0)
 Somewhat or no10 (4.8)
 No response19 (9.2)
Ease in understanding information about pregnancy options
 Easy174 (84.1)
 Hard8 (3.9)
 No response25 (12.1)
Level of support at clinic for abortion decision
 Supported181 (87.4)
 Somewhat or not supported20 (9.7)
 No response6 (2.9)
Satisfaction with abortion services
 Very satisfied173 (83.6)
 Somewhat or unsatisfied28 (13.5)
 No response6 (2.9)
Would recommend the abortion services to a friend or family
 Yes183 (88.4)
 No or depends15 (7.2)
 No response9 (4.3)