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Table 3 Knowledge and opinion about the abortion laws in Uruguay (N = 207)

From: Experience obtaining legal abortion in Uruguay: knowledge, attitudes, and stigma among abortion clients

Indicators of knowledge/opinionn (%)
Accurate understanding of components of Uruguay abortion law
 Gestational limit is 12 weeks191 (92.3)
 Four appointments required for abortion process143 (69.1)
 Conscientious objection is permitted48 (23.2)
Perceived ease of access to abortion in Uruguay
 Easy39 (18.8)
 Hard149 (72.0)
 No response19 (9.2)
Agreement with the current abortion law in Uruguay
 Yes195 (94.2)
 No10 (4.8)
 No response2 (1.0)
Acceptable gestational age for a woman to obtain an abortion
 Never1 (0.5)
 8 weeks82 (39.6)
 12 weeks or longer118 (57.0)
 Don’t know4 (1.9)
 No response2 (1.0
Usefulness of the 5-day waiting period
 Very or somewhat necessary54 (26.1)
 Not necessary145 (70.0)
 No response8 (3.9)
Agreement with doctor’s right to conscientious objection
 Agree142 (68.6)
 Disagree50 (24.2)
 Don’t know12 (5.8)
 No response3 (1.4)