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Table 4 Stigma (N = 207)

From: Experience obtaining legal abortion in Uruguay: knowledge, attitudes, and stigma among abortion clients

Indicators of stigman (%)
Felt judged during abortion service
 Yes, by staff/providers/other clients50 (24.2)
 Yes, by self/family6 (2.9)
 No151 (72.9)
 No response6 (2.9)
Source of judgment experienced during abortion services (n = 50)*
 Providers/staff in general hospital services22 (44.0)
 Providers/staff in SRH team12 (24.0)
 Providers/staff in admissions/reception8 (16.0)
 Nurse or gynecologist in unspecified team/location7 (14.0)
 Unspecified6 (12.0)
 Other clients3 (6.0)
Level of worry that doctor would treat differently based on abortion history
 Very worried, worried, or a little worried60 (29.0)
 Not worried135 (65.2)
 No response12 (5.8)
Agreement with the following statements about abortion
 Abortion is the right of every woman189 (91.3)
 A woman should keep her abortion a secret41 (19.8)
 Women generally have justified reasons for seeking abortion162 (78.3)
 Women get an abortion due to a lack of responsibility124 (59.9)
  1. * Excludes 163 women who did not report feeling judged by others during service; numbers do not sum to total as some respondents report multiple sources of judgment