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Table 2 Respondents’ income and healthcare access related factors in Bahir Dar City, between March 2016 to December 31st, 2016

From: Predictors of cervical cancer screening service utilization among commercial sex workers in Northwest Ethiopia: a case-control study

VariablesCases(Screened)Controls(Not screened)DifferenceX2p-value
f (%)f (%)
Income per month / ETB< 7004(8.7)11(6.4)2.33.390.184
> 20009(19.6)58(33.5)−13.9
History of consistence condom useYes17(37)99(57.2)−20.25.9930.014
Frequency of facility visit/year<  6 years31(67.4)34(19.7)47.739.6780.001
≥ 6 years15(32.6)139(80.3)−47.7