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Table 5 Binary and multivariable analysis to identify predictors of cervical cancer screening service utilization by respondents in Bahir Dar City, between March 2016 to December 31st, 2016

From: Predictors of cervical cancer screening service utilization among commercial sex workers in Northwest Ethiopia: a case-control study

VariablesCC Screening Service UtilizationCOR (95%CI)AOR (95%CI)p-value
Age group (years)< 303115911 
> 3015140.18(0.08, 0.42)0.09(0.025,0.4)0.98
Consistence condom useNo29741  
Abnormal vaginal dischargeNo3815611 
Attitude towards CC and its screeningFavorable35655.29(2.5,11.13)2.62(0.93,7.33)0.068
Provider’s recommendationNo272311 
Duration in working as sex workers< 6 years231171  
> 6 years23562.09(1.08,4.04)1.02(0.4, 2.5)0.606
History of abortionNo381611  
Yes8120.35 (0.14, 0.9)0.43(0.12, 1.5)0.186
History of vaginal examinationNo77011 
Yes391030.26(0.11, 0.62)0.21(0.1,0.68)0.009*
History of STIsNo4412411 
Yes2498.7(2.03, 9.25)6.92(1.29,7.2)0.024**
Knowledge about CC & screening.Insufficient knowledge297411 
Sufficient Knowledge17992.3(1.17, 4.46)0.99(0.4, 2.44)0.988
Frequency of facility Visit /year< 6313411 
> 6151398.4(4.11, 17.39)4.82(1.97,11.8)0.001*