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Table 4 Means, standard deviations, and bivariate correlations for the underlying beliefs of intention to remove pubic hair

From: A full Brazilian or all natural: understanding the influences on young women’s decision to remove their pubic hair

Behavioural Beliefs
 Feeling attractive5.481.57.58**
 Feeling clean5.581.55.55**
 Being socially acceptable4.741.75.18**
 Feeling comfortable5.221.76.65**
 Reducing negative judgments from others4.151.85.15*
 Being time consuming5.671.48−.15*
 Being effortful5.671.54−.17**
 Being expensive3.962.00−.16*
 Being painful4.271.98−.24**
Normative Beliefs
 Media5.791.35− 0.08
 Beauty industry6.051.31−0.11
 Sex industry6.051.34−0.09
 Alternative people/groups (e.g., hippies/naturalists)2.671.370.12
 Feminist groups2.851.390.03
Control beliefs
 Lack of time5.101.85−.13*
 Lack of equipment3.752.03−.22**
  1. Note. * p < .05. ** p < .01