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Table 3 Knowledge of respondents regarding menstruation

From: Knowledge and practice of adolescent females about menstruation and menstruation hygiene visiting a public healthcare institute of Quetta, Pakistan

QuestionsN = 923%
What is menstruation?
 Physiological Process40744.1
 Curse of God25027.1
 Don’t know20722.4
What is the cause of menstruation?
 Curse of God11412.4
 Don’t know14015.2
From which organ does the menstrual blood discharge from?
 Don’t know14916.1
At what age do you think girls usually get their first period?
Do you know how to use a sanitary pad?
Do you know that girls should take more nutritious diet during their periods?
 Don’t know24526.5
What is the average duration of your menstruation flow?
Do you think the menstrual blood is unhygienic?