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Table 5 Reaction of the respondents towards menstruation

From: Knowledge and practice of adolescent females about menstruation and menstruation hygiene visiting a public healthcare institute of Quetta, Pakistan

QuestionsN = 923%
What was the reaction to your first menstruation?
 Emotional disturbance19421.0
What are your eating habits during menstruation?
 Eat less35638.6
 Eat more14115.3
 Eat same amount of food42646.2
Do you use absorbent material during period?
What absorbent material do you use during menstruation? (You may choose more than one option)
 Commercially made sanitary napkin/pad63468.7
 Homemade pads15016.25
 Cotton wool10711.6
Do you take any medications for problems associated with menstruation?
What other remedies do you use to ease the discomfort of menstruation?
 Oil massage323.5
 Turmeric milk10211.1
 Hot bottle packs11312.2
When do you prefer to take bath during menstrual period?
 First day566.1
 Second day18620.2
 Not during the period53758.2
Do you clean your genitalia during menstruation?
If yes, mostly with what?
 Water and soap23425.4
 Only with water53257.6
 Tissue paper10211.1