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Table 1 Background characteristics of respondents

From: Understanding the endorsement of wife beating in Ghana: evidence of the 2014 Ghana demographic and health survey

Explanatory VariableFemales (n = 9387)Males (n = 4387)
Wealth status
Level of Education
 No education19.1179010.7470
Frequency of reading newspaper/ magazine
 Not at all81.1761564.72837
 Less than once a week10.295617.9785
 At least once a week8.781617.4765
Frequency of listening to radio
 Not at all15.614685.5242
 Less than once a week32.1301716.1708
 At least once a week52.3490278.43437
Frequency of watching television
 Not at all23.5220316.8735
 Less than once a week25.7241518.8827
 At least once a week50.8476964.42825
 Mole – Dagbani14.8138814.4630
  1. Computed from 2014 Ghana Demographic and Health Survey