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Table 2 Bleeding patterns and ADRs in PCOS patients treated with DRSP/EE

From: Effectiveness and safety assessment of drospirenone/ethinyl estradiol tablet in treatment of PCOS patients: a single center, prospective, observational study

 n (%)
Bleeding pattern
 Withdrawal bleeding138 (98.57)
 Spotting3 (2.14)
 Less menstruation23 (16.43)
 Normal menstruation113 (80.71)
 No ADRs81 (57.86)
 Nausea4 (2.16)
 Headache and dizziness4 (2.86)
 Breast pain20 (14.29)
 Irregular bleeding50 (35.71)
 Others1 (0.71)
  1. ADRs adverse reactions