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Table 1 Symptoms of prolapse reported by women and grades of POP found on clinical examination.

From: Prevalence of pelvic organ prolapse in women, associated factors and impact on quality of life in rural Pakistan: population-based study

Degree of prolapse/bulgingN 613*%
1Comes and goes back at the strain26142.6
2Partially out but need to push it up back in vagina18830.7
3Completely hanging out from vagina16426.8
Women on which clinical examination conducted
Baden-Walker system for evaluation of POP grade by clinical examinationN 521**%
1Grade I (Descent halfway to hymen)18836.1
2Grade II (Descent to the hymen)13626.1
3Grade III (Descent halfway past the hymen)8917.1
4Grade IV (Maximum possible descent for each site)10820.7
  1. *All women who reported bulging/protrusion
  2. **All women on which clinical examination conducted and found as POP cases