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Table 4 Duration, impact on women’s overall quality of life and specific aspects of life of POP and consultation with a doctor

From: Prevalence of pelvic organ prolapse in women, associated factors and impact on quality of life in rural Pakistan: population-based study

Duration of POP: first began
 3 to 6 months ago285.4
 7 months to 1 year ago6211.9
  > 1 yr to 2 yrs. ago6813.1
  > 2 yrs. to 5 yrs. ago13225.3
  > 5 yrs. to10 yrs. ago11822.6
  > 10 yrs. to 20 yrs. ago8015.4
  > 20 yrs. ago336.3
Impact of POP on women’s overall quality of life 
 Not at all8015.4
Impact of pop on specific aspect of everyday life including hygiene, home life, work life and social life:
 Not at all7414.2
Ever consulted any doctor because of POP