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Table 2 Concepts and categories extracted from the experiences of women with rectovaginal fistula

From: Women’s experiences of rectovaginal fistula: an ethno- religious experience

Religious harassmentbeing defiledFear of invalidating ablution
Fear of invalidating prayer
Fear of not praying
Fear of defiling the mosque
FailLossNot pleasant
To be destroyed
Being terrible
Negative attitudeFeel the change of life
No hope for recovery
Distrust of the doctor
Disrupted sexSexual dissatisfactionDecrease sex frequency
Escaping sex
Making excuses for not having sex
Having stress during sex
ConsequencesSleep disorderSleeping late
No having deep sleep
Mental crisisFatigue
Getting angry
Having pressure
Being bored
Feeling bad
IsolationHaving an impact on the family
Instability in life
Escaping parties
Decreased communication
Fear of being in the public
PanicHumiliationTo be ridiculed
Feeling embarrassed
SecrecyHiding the problem
Fear of raising the problem
Hard to explain the problem
FearAlways worried
Fear of eating enough food
Fear of disgrace
Always thinking of being in trouble
Permanent fear of bad smell