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Table 2 Changes from baseline to the 6-year follow-up (n = 71)

From: Prognostic factors for future mental, physical and urogenital health and work ability in women, 45–55 years: a six-year prospective longitudinal cohort study

Family status
 Children at home −59%   
 Being in worka −3%   
Menopausal Symptomsb
 Somatic −0.23 (2.5)  
 Urogenital −0.52 (2.5)  
 Psychological + 0.52 (3.0)  
 Total MRS −3.5 (5.6)  
Depressive Symptomsc,d + 0.38 (4.3)  
  1. aWork more than 1 h a w = work more than one hour per week
  2. bMenopause Rating Scale (MRS) subscale: Somatic symptoms - hot flushes, heart discomfort, sleeping problems and muscle and joint problems, Psychological symptoms - depressive mood, irritability, anxiety and physical and mental exhaustion, Urogenital symptoms - sexual problems, bladder problems and vaginal dryness, Total score - all subscales added. Higher score indicates more severe symptoms. Values are mean change (standard deviation)
  3. cMontgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS) scoring. Higher score indicates more severe symptoms
  4. dInformation is missing in 5 women (66/71)