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Table 1 The course of treatment for this Low-grade Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma case

From: Long-term multidisciplinary treatment including proton therapy for a recurrent low-grade endometrial stromal sarcoma and pathologically prominent epithelial differentiation: an autopsy case report

Age The patient’s condition Treatment The outcome
a: 45 y 1 m The tumor between liver and right diaphragm increased TCa, 7 cycles SD
b: 45 y 9 m The tumor between liver and right diaphragm increased Ifosfamide + Doxorubicinb, 3 cycles PD
c: 45 y 11 m The tumor between liver and right diaphragm increased Proton therapy, 70.2 GyE/26 Fr. For 40 days PR (Fig. 1)
d: 46 y 3 m The tumors outside of the irradiation field remained Surgery for the left pleural and abdominal tumors Neuroendocrine carcinoma
e: 46 y 5 m Thrombosis in inferior vena cava distal part An inferior vena cava filter. Discontinued MPAc. Disappeared 11 months later.
f: 46 y 5 m Small disseminations remained at the end of the surgery dCisplatin + Irinotecan, 4 cycles, every 4 weeks PD
g: 46 y 8 m Liver metastasis increased Surgery for liver metastasis. No remnant in surgical field
h: 46 y 11 m Effective for small dissemination tumors dCisplatin + Irinotecan, 2 cycles, every 3 months Discontinued by dehydration
i: 47 y 4 m Multiple lung metastases recurred TCa, one cycle. Discontinued by pneumothorax
j: 47 y 11 m Abdominal and spleen dissemination increased Splenectomy and dissemination resection No remnant in surgical field
k: 48 y 1 m Vaginal bleeding by recurrence in vaginal stump Eribulin 1.4 mg/m2, 3 cycles. PD
l: 48 y 4 m The tumors increased. TCa, 3 cycles Hypersensitivity for carboplatin
m: 48 y 7 m Discontinuation of carboplatin Paclitaxel (140 mg/m2) 2 cycles PD
n: 48 y 8 m Jaundice and liver dysfunction The common bile duct stents (Fig. 2). Recovered liver dysfunction
o: 48 y 9 m Liver metastasis increased Pazopanib hydrochloride 800 mg/day started SD to PD (Fig. 2)
p: 49 y 7 m Bacterial infection from liver tumor via bile duct Antibiotics and palliative care Died with sepsis (Fig. 3)
  1. Alphabet letters before age indicate sentences concerning events in the main text. aTC: paclitaxel (140 mg/m2) and carboplatin (area under the curve (AUC): 4) combination chemotherapy. bIfosfamide + Doxorubicin: Ifosfamide (2 g) for 4 days + Doxorubicin (30 mg) for 2 days. cMPA: Medroxyprogesterone 600 mg/day. Hormonal therapy by MPA, leuprorelin 3.75 mg every 28 days, and anastrozole 1 mg/day was continued until thrombosis (e) except for the periods of proton therapy and surgery. After this time, hormonal therapy by leuprorelin, and anastrozole was continued until patient died. dCisplatin + Irinotecan: Cisplatin 70 mg + Irinotecan 70 mg. PR partial response, SD stable disease, PD progress disease