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Table 1 Details of educational content based on the HBM

From: Evaluating the effect of an educational program on increasing cervical cancer screening behavior among rural women in Guilan, Iran

Educational sessions HBM constructs Teaching method Objectives Session content Materials and teaching aids
Session 1 Knowledge Lecture,
Asking/answering questions
To increase the knowledge and create health awareness Introduction,
Signing a written consent consciously,
Information about reproduction system anatomy, Age range to do the test,
Symptoms and preventions
Slides, Pamphlet, Poster
Session 2 Perceived sensitivity Lecture,
Asking/ answering questions
Misconceptions correction,
Expressing seriousness,
Risk of affliction as well as the negative consequences of cervical cancer in order to increase perceived severity
Consequences of failure to observe reproduction organs hygiene, Physical and emotional
consequence of cervical cancer, The effects of cervical cancer on one’s job, family and chance of having children
Film, Pamphlet, Poster
Perceived severity Lecture,
Asking/ answering questions
Session 3 Perceived barriers Group discussion,
Familiarity with the benefits of the proposed methods to attenuate risk or the severity of cervical cancer Benefits of doing Pap smear test and its effects on physical and psychological health, Benefits of early detection through screening, Risk attenuation methods, Stress attenuation methods, Strategies, Alternative
behaviors to promote Pap test
Pamphlet, Poster, Memory cards, Scheduling cards
Perceived benefits Lecture,
Group discussion,
Using motivations
Perceived self-efficacy Motivating, Boosting, Reducing stress