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Table 2 Subcategories and examples of codes and meaning units in the category “The body’s function and ability has changed”

From: Women’s experiences of living with increased inter-recti distance after childbirth: an interview study

Category Subcategories Examples of codes Examples of meaning units
The body’s function and ability has changed Disappointed in the body and its ability Do not trust the body anymore …I don’t think I trust my body today as much as I did before the pregnancies
I do not trust the body anymore, before I trusted in it to get me from point A to point B, to go on vacation or to go out for a run… to do stuff
Disappointed about loss of a strong body You want to be strong, I mean you get irritated on yourself, you get angry with your own body when you feel weak or… fragile…
I do not feel strong anymore… before I felt strong, lively and healthy and I could do stuff
Content with the body and what it is capable of, given the circumstances Content with the body in general …the stronger I feel the more content I am with myself. Even if certain things have not changed, like the loose skin does not go away because I get stronger, but I do not care about that, because I feel good in my body
…it does not matter if I am a bit too heavy because of bad eating habits…I feel I am more or less back to normal…
The body is good enough – it does not hinder me …so the whole body has gone soft, but it is good enough to take care of the kids and to do what I want it to
The body is good enough for me to be able to live the life I want to live right now. I have no pain or other bodily issues so I would say that it is good enough…
Negative impact on functioning in daily life Symptoms from belly during everyday activities Oh God yes, I cannot take of my sweater or anything. As soon as I engage my abdominal muscles a bit too much, or bend backwards or something, it pops out ventrally…
…it feels like the insides will be falling out, that is why I cannot carry the laundry basket
I have no stable centre …as soon as I move I cannot keep it [the belly] together. No matter how hard I try, I cannot, it is like it is totally dead
…wobbly is the best word I can think of. It is like… the upper and lower body are not connected anymore