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Table 3 Rotated factor loadings of items from each of the 4 domains of Arabic Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Questionnaire

From: Arabic translation, cultural adaptation, and validation of Australian Pelvic Floor Questionnaire in a Saudi population

Domains and their items Factor number
1 2 3 4
Bladder function items
How many times do you pass urine in a day 1 0.404    
How many times do you get up at night to pass urine 2 0.381    
Do you wet the bed before you wake up at night 3 0.411    
Do you need to rush hurry to pass urine when you get the urge 4 0.596    
Do you leak with coughing sneezing laughing or exercising 5 0.581    
Does urine leak when you rush or hurry to the toilet or can’t you make it in time 6 0.635    
Do you need to strain to empty your bladder 7 0.450    
Do you have a feeling of incomplete bladder emptying 8 0.487    
Is your urinary stream urine flow weak, prolonged, or slow 9 0.494    
Do you have to wear pads because of urinary leakage 10 0.608    
Do you limit your fluid intake to decrease urinary leakage 11 0.583    
Do you have frequent bladder infections 12 0.425    
Does urine leakage affect activities recreation, socializing, sleeping, shopping 13 0.741    
Do you have pain in your bladder or urethra when you empty your bladder 14 0.480    
How much does your bladder problem bother you 15 0.695    
Bowel function items
How often do you usually open your bowels 1   0.318   
How is the consistency of your usual stool 2   0.382   
Do you have to strain to empty your bowels 3   0.763   
Do you use laxatives to empty your bowels 4   0.570   
Do you feel constipated 5   0.706   
When you get wind or flatus can you control it or does wind leak 6   0.442   
Do you get an overwhelming sense of urgency to empty bowels 7   0.368   
Do you leak watery stool when you don’t mean to 8   0.495   
Do you leak normal stool when you don’t mean to 9   0.576   
Do you have a feeling of incomplete bowel emptying 10   0.660   
Do you use finger pressure to help empty your bowel 11   0.588   
How much does your bowel problem bother you 12   0.719   
Prolapse symptoms items:     
Do you have a sensation of tissue protrusion lump bulging in your vagina 1    0.582  
Do you experience vaginal pressure or heaviness or a dragging sensation 2    0.511  
Do you have to push back your prolapse in order to void 3    0.631  
Do you have to push back your prolapse to empty your bowels 4    0.719  
How much does your prolapse bother you 5    0.553  
Sexual function items
Do you have sufficient vaginal lubrication during intercourse 3     0.394
During inter course vaginal sensation is 4     0.444
Do you feel that your vagina is too loose or lax 5     0.395
Do you feel that your vagina is too tight 6     0.461
Do you experience pain with sexual intercourse 7     0.771
Where does the pain during intercourse occur 8     0.716
Do you leak urine during sexual intercourse 9     0.558
How much do these sexual issues bother you 10     0.585