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Table 2 Clinical and HIV related characteristics of sexually active women on ART in public health facilities of Gondar City, northwest Ethiopia, 2018

From: Dual contraception method utilization and associated factors among sexually active women on antiretroviral therapy in Gondar City, northwest, Ethiopia: a cross sectional study

VariablesFrequency (n)Percent (%)
STI history
Know HIV status of partner
Partner’s HIV status
Disclosed HIV status
Duration on ART (Years)
 0, 1447.8
 2, 313423.8
 4, 57513.3
 6, 714225.2
 8, 911119.7
  > =105710.1
Current CD4 cell count
  < 2509717.2
 250, 34910919.4
  > =35035763.4
Current viral load
 Not high viral load52693.4
 High viral load376.6