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Table 1 The forum members with quotes illustrative of each theme

From: Conversations between women with vulval lichen sclerosus: a thematic analysis of online forums

Theme Quotes illustrating theme
Theme 1: Problems obtaining a diagnosis FM1, FM2, FM6, FM8, FM12, FM13, FM18, FM19, FM21, FM23, FM26, FM27, FM29, FM30, FM31, FM43, FM50, FM52, FM 59, FM65, FM68
Theme 2: Rationalisation and validation of their experience FM2, FM6, FM8, FM12, FM19, Fm21, FM24, FM25, FM32, FM38, FM43, FM48, FM50, FM52, FM54, FM56, FM60, FM65, FM68, FM73
Theme 3: Seeking control over their condition FM2, FM5, FM6, FM8, FM10, FM11, FM12, FM16, FM17, FM19, FM20, FM21, FM22, FM25, FM26, FM30, FM37, FM38, FM42, FM43, FM44, FM45, FM47, FM48, FM50, FM51, FM52, FM53, FM54, FM55, FM61, FM69, FM70
Theme 4: Sharing and seeking advice and guidance FM2, FM5, FM6, FM8, FM9, FM10, FM11, FM12, FM14, FM16, FM17, FM19, FM20, FM21, FM22, FM23, FM25, FM26, FM27, FM29, FM30, FM34, FM35, FM36, FM37, FM38, FM39, FM41, FM42, FM43, FM44, FM45, FM46, FM47, FM48, FM49, FM50, FM51, FM52, FM53, FM55, FM57, FM58, FM59, FM60, FM61, FM62, FM64, FM67, FM68, FM70, FM71, FM73
Theme 5: Social repercussions FM1, FM2, FM6, FM11, FM12, FM13, FM17, FM18, FM19, FM20, FM24, FM26, FM30, FM34, FM37, FM41, FM43, FM46, FM50, FM51, FM52, FM58, FM61, FM66, FM67, FM73