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Table 1 Study timeline from enrolment to completion

From: Effect of Paula exercise method on functional outcomes of women with post fistula repair incontinence: a protocol for randomized controlled trial

  Enrollment Allocation Post-allocation Follow-up
Time point − t 0 t0 (0 week) t1 (4 weeks) t2 (8 weeks) t3 (12 weeks) t4 (6 months)
Enrollment: eligibility screen informed consent allocation X       
Intervention: Paula exercise (experimental group)
Pelvic floor muscle training (control group)
   X X X X  
   X X X X  
Assessments: baseline variables—age, weight, height, blood pressure, marital status, educational status, post fistula repair time X X      
Assessments: outcome variables
[Primary outcome- urine leakage]
[Secondary Outcome- pelvic floor strength, quality of life, sexual function, depression and anxiety]
   X X X X X