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Table 2 Cost of service by type, place and duration.

From: Commercial sex work among university students: a case study of four public universities in Ghana

Type of service Description Place of service Duration of service Cost in GH₵
Short time Sexual intercourse usually charged per ejaculation Sex worker’s room 30minutes (1 round) GH₵ 20–50
Sleep An overnight sleep with sexual intercourse usually charged per 3 ejaculations Sex worker’s room Overnight (3 rounds) Negotiable with a minimum of GH₵ 100–200
Away Agencies and/or escort services such as taking Sex workers way from their environments on romantic dates and usually characterized with unlimited sexual intercourse Any place outside the Sex worker’s room (e.g. Patron’s house, hotel rooms etc 2 days + Negotiable with a minimum of GH₵ 500 per day