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Table 4 Relative risk of contraceptive failure according to survey year and type of pre-pregnancy contraceptive method

From: A rise in births following contraceptive failure in France between 2010 and 2016: results from the French national perinatal surveys

  Contraceptive failure
Crude RR 95% CI Model A Model B
aRRa 95% CI aRRb 95% CI
2010 1 Ref 1 Ref 1 Ref
2016 1.28 1.17–1.39 1.34 1.23–1.47 1.35 1.25–1.49
Last contraceptive method used
Pill 1 Ref
IUD/patch/implant/vaginal ring 0.45 0.37–0.54
Male condom 1.61 1.42–1.83
Withdrawal, periodic abstinence or other method  _  _  _ 2.56 2.14–3.07
  1. RR: Risk ratio; aRR: Adjusted risk ratio; CI: Confidence interval
  2. aAdjusted for maternal age, country of birth, parity, abortion history, level of education, live with a partner, monthly household resources and health insurance coverage at the beginning of pregnancy
  3. bAdjusted for Model A covariates and last contraceptive method