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Table 4 Direct comparisons of the rate of postpartum psychological distress among mothers within the first year following delivery by insulin and weight groups

From: A potential role for insulin treatment during pregnancy in reducing postpartum psychological distress in maternal obesity: an administrative population health study

Comparison groups Postpartum psychological distress
Adjusted rate ratio (aRR) 95% CI p value
Lower Upper
Obesity insulin vs. Lean insulin 1.79 0.42 7.65 0.434
Obesity insulin vs. Lean no insulin 1.30 0.83 2.02 0.248
Obesity no insulin vs. Lean no insulin 1.27 1.17 1.39  < 0.0001
  1. Adjusted rate ratios (aRR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI) are show. Mothers with pre-existing type I or type II diabetes mellitus or with pre-existing mood/anxiety disorders were excluded. Rate ratios were adjusted for maternal age group (at pregnancy start date) and area-level income (at delivery). Rate ratios were calculated by dividing the Obesity group (± insulin) PPD rate by the Lean group (± insulin) PPD rate