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Table 2 Awareness of Chemoprevention and Surgical Risk-Reduction Options

From: Understanding low chemoprevention uptake by women at high risk of breast cancer: findings from a qualitative inductive study of women’s risk-reduction experiences

  Aware of chemoprevention Unaware of chemoprevention Totala
Knows of no surgical optionsb 0 (0%) 7 (100%) 7 (15%)
Knows of at least one surgical optionb 21 (53%) 19 (47%) 40 (85%)
Knows of both surgical optionsb 14 (64%) 8 (36%) 22 (47%)
Totalb 21 (45%) 26 (55%) 47 (100%)
  1. All categories coded inductively from qualitative data. For example, a woman was coded as “knows of no surgical options” if her entire narrative about how she has learned, thought, and decided about breast cancer prevention included no mention of surgical options, and she confirms not knowing about them when asked directly late in the interview
  2. aNumbers in this column are row totals. Percentages are out of the sample of 47 participants analyzed in this paper
  3. bPercentages on this row refer to the percent of the row total that falls in this column (e.g. 53% of those who know of at least one surgical option are aware of chemoprevention)