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Table 4 Complications after sacrospinous ligament fixation in local anesthesia with light sedation in a fast-track setting

From: Fast track sacrospinous ligament fixation: subjective and objective outcomes at 6 months

Admitted to the ward on the day of the operation Number of women
Complications to the pudendal block  
 Short term sensory disturbance in the right leg 5
 Short term urinary retention 3
 Bleeding (no intervention) 1
 Nervousness 1
Re-admitted after discharge  
 Wound infection 3
 Sepsis 1
 Urinary retention 1
Seen in the outpatient clinic after discharge  
 Wound infection 4
 Disturbed vaginal sensation 1
 Persisting buttock pain (< 6 month) 1
 Persisting urinary retention (< 3 weeks) 2
  1. Data are presented as number of women