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Table 1 Script for the in-depth interview

From: Women in a situation of homelessness and violence: a single-case study using the photo-elicitation technique

Objectives Dynamic questions
To analyze homeless women’s perception of their experience of intimate partner violence and/or violence from men in their environment What has your history of homelessness been like? How did you come to find yourself in this situation? To what extent do you think your experiences of violence might have influenced your homelessness?
To identify adaptation or coping strategies generated throughout their experience of homelessness How have you coped with the different difficult situations and experiences you have gone through? What things have enabled you to be strong in the face of adversity and suffering?
To identify internal elements or external barriers that have an impact on the continuity of homelessness What difficulties do you consider that, on a personal level, limit your chances of escaping from homelessness? What barriers do you think your environment puts in the way of escaping from homelessness?
To analyze the interrelationships between women’s perceptions of the causes and consequences of the violence they have suffered and their reinterpretations How do you understand violence? How do you understand violence against women? How do you think violence has affected your life as a woman since you were a child until now? How do you relate to violence? How do you deal with violence?
To identify their demands for care to guide the planning of woman-centered interventions To what extent do you feel that the support resources you have received throughout your life match what you needed at the time? What help would you have liked to have received to avoid becoming homeless?
  1. Source: authors' own creation