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Table 2 Preparation process for the second interview using photo-elicitation

From: Women in a situation of homelessness and violence: a single-case study using the photo-elicitation technique

Back of the photograph: “What I like best is the arts room. It’s killer for my recovery. I feel inspired and very happy, totally relaxed.”
The core element of the photograph depicts the standing figure of a strongly built middle-aged woman, dressed in simple summer clothes, a blue tank top, shorts and sneakers, with a backpack and loose hair. She poses for the camera inviting us to contemplate two artistic works in what looks like an exhibition room; one of them is hanging on the wall at the back, in a wooden frame. The other one is next to the woman on an easel, where four handprints can be seen, two in the upper half of the painting in red and the other two in the lower half in black. The woman seems to be very familiar with and have an intimate knowledge of these creations
Interview questions
How do you see art contributing to your own recovery process?
How do you feel when you create?
What do you understand by inspiration?
What do you understand by a recovery process?
  1. Source: authors' own creation. The image included in the table has been created by the participant in the context of the photo-elicitation