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Table 1 Summary of VCD cases in clinical, histological, Imaging findings and management

From: Vulvar Crohn’s disease in an adolescent diagnosed after unsuccessful surgical treatment

Clinical presentation Asymmetric/symmetric vulvar swelling
Vulvar pain
Aphthoid or linear “knife-like” vulvar ulcer (often extends to groin)
Hypertrophic exophytic vulvar lesion/ Scarring, Plaque, Pedunculated tags of tissue
Vulvar abscess with sinus tract
Vesicles, Papules/nodules at vulva
Vaginal discharge
Vulvar itching
Perianal skin tags/fissure
Histological finding of vulvar lesion Noncaseating granuloma
Mixed inflammatory cell infiltrates
Dilatation of lymphatics and capillary vessels
Dermal thickening
Vascular ectasia
Imaging study  
Pelvis MRI Rectovaginal/Perianal fistula
Perineum abscess
Perineum marked edema
Perineum thickening
Small volume lymphadenopathy with evidence of fissuring in the perianal region.
Abdomen-Pelvis CT Vulvar abscess and surrounding inflammation
Perineal sonography Diffuse hypoechogenicity
Increased dermal thickness
Diffusely elevated color doppler signal by local inflammation
Management Corticosteroid
  1. MRI, magnetic resonance imagning; CT, computed tomography