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Table 3 Key themes related to family planning decision-making

From: Understanding family planning decision-making: perspectives of providers and community stakeholders from Istanbul, Turkey

Key themes Definition Example of direct quotations
Decision making process Decision-making involvement, freedom to choose methods or inability to choose and accessibility Everyone has a different choice; for example, I use the pills, but I put on a lot of weight. So, if I had something else, I wouldn’t prefer the pills. (Interviewee 2, Community stakeholder)
Role of male partners Demand for contraception, childbearing responsibilities and men’s desire to have more children [Men] don’t care about having a lot of children as they don’t have to look after them…[men] want to make children (Interviewee 5, Community stakeholder)
Role of religious beliefs Barriers to using or accessing family planning services related to religion As far as I heard, it [family planning] is a sin (Interviewee 12, Community stakeholder)