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Table 1 Quality assessment of controlled intervention studies

From: Effect of physical activity and exercise on endometriosis-associated symptoms: a systematic review

References Clearly stated study design Randomization adequate Treatment allocation concealed Participant and providers blinded Assessor blinded Baseline characteristics similar Dropout rate ≤ 20% Differential dropout rate ≤ 15%
Goncalves et al. [28] Yes Yes Yes NA NA No No No
Carpenter et al. [27] Yes Yes NR NA NR Yes Yes Yes
References High adherence to treatment Other interventions Outcomes valid and reliable Sample size provided 80% power Predefined outcome measures Intention to treat Confounding variables measured and adjusted Quality rating (poor/fair/good)
Goncalves et al. [28] No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Poor
Carpenter et al. [27] Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Fair
  1. NA not applicable, NR not reported. The item “confounding variables measured and adjusted” was added to the original assessment form