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Table 3 Multiple linear regression analysis of the association between reproductive factors and menopausal symptoms

From: The association between reproductive history and menopausal symptoms: an evidence from the cross-sectional survey

Variables Model of Total
β t p
Number of abortions 0.194 2.633 0.009
Number of children 0.131 1.782 0.077
Constant   17.125 < 0.001
Adj R2 0.064   
F 4.943   
P 0.003   
Variables Model of psychological
β t p
Number of abortions 0.230 3.156 0.002
Age of first pregnancy − 0.191 − 2.616 0.010
Constant   12.198 < 0.001
Adj R2 0.075   
F 8.061   
P < 0.001   
Variables Model of somatic
β t p
Number of abortions 0.141 1.895 0.060
Number of children 0.212 2.854 0.005
Constant   16.299 < 0.001
Adj R2 0.048   
F 5.377   
P 0.005   
  1. No reproductive factor was associated with severity of menopausal symptoms in model of urogenital
  2. Effect of age as confounding variable was controlled. Using multiple linear regression and using the Backward model all significant variables from Table 2 that were effective on menopausal symptoms were included in the regression model, then non-significant variables were removed in the multiple regression steps by the Backward regression process. Age at first pregnancy for women who were never pregnant was defined with replacing missing values method, with the mean of Age at first pregnancy for women who experienced pregnancy