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Table 3 Distribution of different forms of violence during pregnancy among women in Kenya (2014), weighted

From: Intimate partner violence among pregnant women in Kenya: forms, perpetrators and associations

Type of violence Ever Often Sometimes Often or sometimes
Emotional violence
Any emotional violence 67.8    
Said or did something to humiliate her in front of others   14.8 17.9 32.7
Threatened to hurt or harm her or someone she cared about   12.1 16.2 28.2
Insulted her or made her feel bad about her   20.6 22.2 42.9
Sexual violence
Any sexual violence 34.8    
Physically forced her to have sexual intercourse with him when she did not want to   10.3 13.3 23.5
Physically forced her to perform any other sexual acts she did not want to   4.7 6.8 11.5
Forced her with threats or in any other way to perform sexual acts she did not want to   5.4 4.3 9.7
Physical violence
Any physical violence 78.6    
Pushed her, shook her, or threw something at her   14.7 21.4 36.2
Slapped her   20.3 25.1 45.4
Twisted her arm or pulled her hair   10.9 13.1 24.0
Punched her with his fist or with something that could hurt her   13.8 16.8 30.6
Kicked her, dragged her, or beat her up   16.6 16.3 33.0
Tried to choke her or burn her on purpose   4.5 6.4 10.9
Threatened her or attacked her with a knife, gun, or other weapon   4.8 9.0 13.8
Any form of physical and, or sexual violence 80.0    
Any form of emotional and, or physical and, or sexual violence 85.9    
Total 15–49 years 397    
  1. All variables are expressed as proportions (in %). Women could select multiple items, hence these different forms of violence are not mutually exclusive