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Table 2 Unadjusted and Adjusted Rate Ratios and 95% Confidence Intervals for associations between measures of perceived condom use control and the number of sex acts unprotected by a male condom with main partners in the past week among Malagasy sex workers, 2005.

From: Perceived control over condom use among sex workers in Madagascar: a cohort study

Measure of perceived condom use control Unadjusted RR (95% CI) Adjusted RR** (95% CI)
Main partner ever refused to use a condom when asked   
No 1.0 1.0
Yes 1.51 (1.17-1.95) 1.34 (1.03-1.73)
Main partner ever became angry or argued when condom use suggested   
No 1.0 1.0
Yes 0.94 (0.74-1.19) 0.81 (0.62-1.05)
Amount of control over the use of condoms during sex with main partner   
A lot of control 1.0 1.0
Little or no control 1.41 (1.07-1.87) 1.86 (1.21-2.85)
Ever refused to have sex with main partner because he would not use a condom   
Yes 1.0 1.0
No 1.05 (0.83-1.32) 1.03 (0.87-1.22)
Main partner ever became violent when asked to use a condom   
No 1.0 1.0
Yes 0.84 (0.55-1.30) 0.85 (0.55-1.34)
Woman suggested condom use with main partner at last sex   
No 1.0 1.0
Yes 1.01 (0.80-1.27) 0.99 (0.84-1.16)
  1. **Each perceived condom control variable was in a separate model adjusted for age, education, marital status, assets, study site, study arm