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Table 5 Presence of different Lactobacillus species in the vagina and rectum in postmenopausal women

From: The Lactobacillus flora in vagina and rectum of fertile and postmenopausal healthy Swedish women

Subject No. Vaginal smear Rectal smear
21 -- L. acidophilus,
L. plantarum
22 L. gasseri L. gasseri
23 L. crispatus L. plantarum
26 L. salivarius --
27 L. delbrueckii --
29 L. vaginalis L. plantarum, L. gasseri
30 L. gasseri L. vaginalis
32 -- L. crispatus
33 L. crispatus --
34 L. gasseri L. ruminis
35 L. gasseri L. plantarum
36 L. ruminis L. ruminis
39 L. gasseri L. paracasei
  1. -- = not detectable. Deleted subjects or lines mean that no lactobacilli were found.