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Table 3 Prevalence of violence against young married women according to type of violence, Rural Nepal, 2009

From: Women's Status and Violence against Young Married Women in Rural Nepal

Type of violence Lifetime %
(N = 1296)
Past 12 months %
(N = 1296)
Slapped you or thrown something at you that could hurt you 15.0 9.3
Pushed you or shoved you or pulled your hair 15.7 11.4
Hit you with his fist or with something else that could hurt you 5.9 3.7
Kicked you, dragged you or beaten you up 11.0 8.1
Choked or burnt you on purpose 0.9 0.6
Threatened to use or actually used a gun, knife or other weapon against you 0.9 0.6
Physical violence: at least one type 25.3 17.4
Physically force you to have sexual intercourse with him even when you did not want to 44.9 29.7
Force you for sexual intercourse when you were afraid to say 'no' for sex because of fear that he would do something 24.8 19.0
Threaten you that if you didn't have sex with him he would leave you or go to another woman 9.8 6.9
Force you to do something sexual that you found degrading or humiliating 13.5 12.1
Sexual violence: at least one type 46.2 31.3
Experienced either physical or sexual 51.9 35.8