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Table 3 W17s experience of psychosocial assessment across time

From: Digging over that old ground: an Australian perspective of women’s experience of psychosocial assessment and depression screening in pregnancy and following birth

Antenatal interaction with midwife Antenatal interview with W17
Student Midwife 1 (S1) – In the last 12 months have you been hit, slapped or hurt by your partner or ex-partner? Researcher [MR] – What did you think of being asked the questions?
W17 – No W17 – I was surprised, I was really upset, I think they just check up the baby but too much question, I’m shy
S1 – Are you frightened or scared of your husband or ex-husband?  
W17 – My ex husband  
S1 – [S1 explores] Do you have much contact with him  
W17 – A social worker calls him and calls me  
S1 – When you say you are scared of him is that now ?  
W17 – I’m not scared of him, [loudly] long time ago, for past 2 years.  
FN17 – Researcher [MR] observes S1 recording a positive response to domestic violence into W17 medical records  
Postnatal interaction with researcher Postnatal response to negative antenatal experience
FN17 – Researcher [MR] contacted W17 via telephone to confirm postnatal observation of interaction between W17 and CFHN. W17discussed that she had refused the routinely offered health home visit by the CFHN. W17described the inaccurate recording of a positive response to domestic violence question by the midwife; resulting in W17 being seen by a social worker within 24 hours of delivery. W17 was asked further questions as to the nature of her relationship with her current husband. W17 - They ask all those personal questions and they got it wrong.... I don’t want them to come to my house; No…I don’t want to see anyone anymore