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Table 5 W12 experience of assessment across time

From: Digging over that old ground: an Australian perspective of women’s experience of psychosocial assessment and depression screening in pregnancy and following birth

Antenatal interaction W12 with M2 Antenatal interview with W12 – sensitivity and care
M2 – Any past pregnancies…? Researcher [MR] – what did you think of being asked the questions?
FN12 - woman observed to be distressed by this questions and cries  
M2 – That’s alright, you’re still upset, you don’t have to talk about it W12 – I knew the minute the question was asked [previous pregnancy],
W12 – I was dreading this coming up I felt this from the inside just explode out of me. She [M2] was brilliant,
M2 – sorry, some of the questions are quite personal I felt supported, not judged and walked away feeling I could tell my story to anyone
Postnatal interaction W12 with CFHN7 Postnatal interview with W12 – lack of sensitivity and care
CFHN7 – You have a few responses here, how have you been feeling?[note here the nurse is intending to explore the high score on the EPDS] Researcher [MR] - How did you think the clinic visit went overall?
W12 – There’s definitely a difference especially the way I feel physically W12 – I started to get upset after that meeting, I just assumed that anyone who deals with mothers and babies is just well – they are really caring and nurturing but I didn’t feel that. I felt like it was a reflection on me, that I was bad. I felt judged
CFHN7 – Because you are feeling…? Researcher [MR] – Is there anything the nurse could have done differently?
W12 – Like I’ve been attacked with a machete W12 - Maybe if they talked to women, or explored it. I felt like I’d had an operation, I was really scared. Maybe they could be empathetic and sensitive to people’s emotions because a lot of people experience things differently.
CFHN7 – [surprised] what? Because of the caesarean? I’ve had those…  
W12 – I have found it hard to relax since  
CFHN7 – well you’re just going to have to learn…