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Table 7 Comparison of content analysis of least helpful premenstrual coping strategies with the subscales of the PMCM

From: Ways of coping with premenstrual change: development and validation of a premenstrual coping measure

PMCM subscale Coded response for least helpful things Number of responses
Avoiding harm   
  Conflict/argue/raise issues with people 33
  Give into moods/emotions 26
  Stress/deadlines 22
  Be with negative/irritating people 18
  Ruminating/over thinking 17
  Take frustrations out on others 16
  Deal with relationship/family issues 9
  Complain 6
Awareness and acceptance   
  Frustrated with/criticise self 10
  Ignoring feelings 8
  Ignoring feelings 8
  Not being aware of being premenstrual 4
Adjusting energy   
  Exercise 21
  Overdoing it e.g. exercising, socialising 12
  Not adjusting 10
  Not enough sleep 10
  Socialising 7
  Work/Study 23
  Eating unhealthy food 17
  Housework 6
  Isolating self 14
Non matching codes   
  Binge eating/overeating 18
  Not control emotions 17
  Drinking alcohol/taking drugs 17
  Eat chocolate/sugar 12
  Increase caffeine 7
  Eating 6
  Sleep 5
  Cry 4
  Forget vitamins 4
  Jokes/comments about PMS 4
  1. Note. The table indicates the number of women who gave the response as one of the least helpful things they do when they are premenstrual. Items with 3 or less responses have not been included in the table.