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Table 2 Themes and categories

From: Patients’ and physicians’ descriptions of occurrence and diagnosis of endometriosis: a qualitative study from Iran

Themes Categories
Pain localization  
  Abdominal pain
  Low back pain
  Anal pain
  Lower limb pain
Severity of pain and struggle for pain relief  
  Severity and type of pain
  Pain response to different actions
Feeling inability to play the role of femininity  
Reducing physical health  
  Menstrual disturbances
  Digestive Disorders
  Urinary Disorders
  Complaint of irritating cyst
  Pelvic infection problems
Disruption of social life  
  Impairment in daily activities
  Emotional and communicational disturbances
Looking for a reliable diagnostic indicator  
  Association the symptoms with marriage
  Family history
  Use of ultrasound
  Use of laparoscopy
  Use of imaging techniques
  Use of biomarker
  Confusion in diagnosis
Uncertainty of physical examination  
  Feeling discomfort during examination
  Physical examination findings