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Figure 2

From: Role of vascular endothelial growth factor polymorphisms (-2578C > A, -460 T > C, -1154G > A, +405G > C and +936C > T) in endometriosis: a case–control study with Brazilians

Figure 2

Haplotype association analysis for the five VEGF polymorphisms in a Brazilian women. Number in boxes indicates decimal places of D’. A Haplotype association analysis in all patients Brazilian women; B cases with endometriosis and C controls were estimated utilising Haploview program based on the Expectation-Maximization algorithm. There was a strong linkage disequilibrium patterns across the -2578C>A (lane 1), -460T>C (lane 2), -1154G>A (lane 3) and +405G>C (lane 4) VEGF SNPs of the three studies groups, while +936C>T (lane 5) was not linked to the other polymorphisms.

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