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Table 1 Interview questions

From: Women’s experiences following severe perineal trauma: a qualitative study

1. With which baby did you experience a third or fourth degree perineal tear? Can you tell me about your experience?
2. Following the birth, at what stage were you told that you had sustained a third or fourth degree tear?
3. Did anyone explain to you how to care for your tear and what treatments you may require in hospital?
4. Did you have antibiotics?
5. What advice were you given when you were preparing to discharge the hospital?
6. Did you see an early childhood nurse/midwife following discharge? Was the third or fourth degree tear spoken about?
7. What symptoms did you experience that you feel were due to the tear?
8. How did these symptoms affect your ability to care for your baby? Do household chores? Go out?
9. How did this experience impact upon your relationship with your partner? How long was it before you felt comfortable to have intercourse? Was it uncomfortable?
10. What services did you access/ do you access for support or treatment of these symptoms?
11. Next babies: Have you had any more children following the third or fourth degree tear? Were these babies vaginal births or caesarean? Who made the decision to have a vaginal birth/caesarean? Were you given an episiotomy?
12. How do you feel about the support you were given in hospital?
13. Is there anything you would like health workers to know that might help them when they care for women like you?
14. What do you wish you had known?
15. How do you see yourself as a person now?